Amul - Hazar 2018 International Rally was presented in Russia

Moscow hosted the presentation of Amul - Hazar 2018 International Rally organized in Turkmenistan by the initiative of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

New project in the racing world was presented to wide public and mass media in prestigious business complex – the Centre of International Commerce, in the Club Complex of Crown Plaza Moscow.

Turkmen delegation that arrived to Moscow organized the exhibition as a preliminary introduction dedicated to Amul - Hazar 2018 rally. The exposition was opened by big picture of the President of Turkmenistan dressed in racing gear. The monitors demonstrated videos on the preparation to coming international rally, about qualification round and other events of this subject.

Turkmen Desert Race 2018 Amul - Hazar 2018 was presented in Crown Plaza Moscow WTC by famous racer and currently Director of Africa Eco Race rally Jean Louis Schlesser.

The presentation gathered around 50 reporters of leading medias – international and Russian news agencies, TV and radio channels, specialized magazines and newspapers, websites. It includes American financial and economic Forbes magazine, International World and Politics magazine, federal newspaper Russian News, My Planet TV channel, News of Russia agency, Media Times, Newsinfo, Mignews, Echo of Moscow, Business Moscow newspaper, Mediametric radio channel, internet magazines Mirinform and, ASP Media 24 portal as well East News photo agency, RusMedia advertisement agency and other.

The first part of the event was held in the format of seminar, which particpants discussed the preparation to coming races, details of logistics, registration, navigation, safety and other. Jean Louis Schlesser not only answered all questions but shared the experience as professional racer who won in famous tournaments including Paris – Dakar race.

The participants of the presentation were informed that the race in Turkmenistan would be held on September 11-15, 2018 along Amul - Hazar route (September 9-10 as preparation days). Light and cargo vehicles and SSV class quad bikes can take part in the race. 1500 kilometers of the route runs across Karakum Desert as well as across other picturesque places of the country.

Today, the work on organization of bivouacs, cultural support of the event and training of personnel are expanded in the country, modern equipment, aviation and other supporting resources for organization of the rally will be at disposal of the organizers of the event. Many other measures are planned as high-level reception of numerous foreign delegations is the honor for our country.

Turkmenistan improves its international authority as the country that has successful experience in organization of big sport events of international level including in motorsport. This experience will enrich such significant project as Amul – Hazar 2018 rally that is realized on the state level.