The second working session on the discussion of the results of the OECD assessment took place in Ashgabat

On January 30, 2020, the second working session on the discussion of the results in the framework of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development assessment “Improving the Legal Environment for Business in Central Asia: Focus on Turkmenistan” took place in the “Yildiz” hotel of the capital.

From the Turkmen side, the representatives of a number of ministries and departments of the country, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, as well as the representatives of the private sector participated to the event. The representatives of the partners on the implementation of the project, including the European Union and the embassies of the OECD member states in Turkmenistan also took part in the session.

As is known, the OECD (with the financial assistance of the European Union) implements a regional project, in the framework of which the governments of Turkmenistan and other Central Asian states are provided with the analytical support with the aim of determining the priority spheres of reforms which are expected to enhance the legal environment of entrepreneurship.

The given event is the second working meeting conducted in Turkmenistan with the aim of discussing the main preliminary outcomes which will enable the determination of priority reform vectors of the country. The open discussion of these issues was held in participation of the representatives of the government and partners on the implementation of the project, as well as between the intermediary organizations, private sector representatives and governing institutions.