Meeting with heads of UN agencies in Turkmenistan and regional UN structures

On April 18, 2024, a meeting was held via videoconference between the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan Rashid Meredov and the heads of UN agencies in Turkmenistan and regional structures of this Organization.

The agenda of the meeting included issues of Turkmenistan’s National Priorities for the new cycle of the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework for the period 2026-2030 and global prospects for accelerating the achievement of the SDGs.

During the meeting, emphasis was placed on a wide range of issues in the context of active interaction between Turkmenistan and the United Nations. Specific proposals were voiced and priority vectors of partnership were identified.

In his speech, R.Meredov emphasized that cooperation with the UN and its structural divisions is a priority vector of our country’s foreign policy and expressed the desire of the Government of Turkmenistan to further deepen multifaceted cooperation with the Organization in strengthening peace and security, implementing the Sustainable Development Goals, and developing sustainable transport , combating climate change and a number of other areas.

As part of the discussion of the initiatives put forward by Turkmenistan at international platforms and the implementation of national programs and plans, the role of resolutions adopted by the UN General Assembly and its structural divisions, initiated by our country, was emphasized.

During the negotiations, an exchange of views took place on the prospects for cooperation between Turkmenistan and specialized UN structures in such areas as sustainable development, transport, climate change and environmental protection, as well as the humanitarian dimension, including aspects of respect for human rights, preservation of national cultural heritage, application and implementation of best practices into the education and health care systems.

In their speeches, the heads of UN departments informed about the ongoing joint work with the Government of Turkmenistan and shared their ideas and proposals in this direction.

Also at the meeting, the schedule of upcoming meetings and joint planned events was discussed.